Hi there, I'm going to level with you and say my work has dried up and I play music for a living. If you've seen a streamed concert and want to support me you can do that here be buying some merch or tipping: https://paypal.me/danwebstermusic

Lockdown World Tour Tee
  • Lockdown World Tour Tee


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Dan Webster Lockdown Tour tee pre order.

Want your town street, or house on the back? First twelve orders can add themselves to the tour sheet. (image not t-shirt design)

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The isolation bundle
  • The isolation bundle

The isolation bundle

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The isolation bundle

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Own every one of my CDs at a discounted price. (only includes 'Other Side Of' CD while stocks last but will come with 'Other Side Of' download)

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The Tin Man

Dan Webster

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High quality 320kps download.

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    Elvis 3:00
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    Gin 3:06
The Sea & Other Things: CD
  • The Sea & Other Things: CD

The Sea & Other Things: CD

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"The Sea and Other Things' is an exciting collection of Webster's work. Featuring a brand new recording of his award nominated track 'Frank Dalton', the tragic true tale of a sea rescue; a new track 'Price', a beautifully simple and wonderfully delivered piece and three wonderfully vibrant live studio recordings, including: 'Elvis' (a live version of a track from the forthcoming studio album 'The Tin Man'), 'Fishing' and 'Superstore'. If you're new to the music of Dan Webster this is a great starting point and if you're not it's a must have addition."

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